1 MOA Target hit from 2.07 Miles!

    Billy Carter, from Texas, hit a 1 MOA target from 2.07 miles at the NRA Whittington U Long Distance Range!

    He used a CheyTac USA M200 Intervention® chambered in .375 CheyTac topped with a Vortex Razor HD Gen1 scope.



    Last year he used the .375 CheyTac and hit the 2.07 Mile target at a 4 MOA target. This time he did some test runs on the 4 MOA but stepped up and asked for the 1 MOA target. It took 8 shots but he connected with the 3×3 ft steel target. Velocity on impact was 1008 ft/s. Very, very impressive.

    To read more, check out the article on Professional Marksmen.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
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