KeyMod RailScales

    RailScales is a G10 modular grip panel for Keymod handguards. It is the collaboration of Bill Coye, of Coye Knives, and Derek Shelton of Asset Weapon MFG.

    RailScales is Co-Owned by Bill Coye of Coye Knives and Derek Shelton of Asset Weapon MFG.

    Derek and Bill have been mutual customers of one another since 2009, and from time to time would
    bounce industry ideas off one another. One evening while brainstorming in the knife shop amongst
    Piles of G10 and numerous KeyMod equipped rifles, RailScales was born.

    All components, including hardware are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States of America.

    RalScales LLC is located in Tulsa, OK 74147



    According to Soldier Systems Daily, “RailScales will officially launch with a soft date of June 11, 2014. Numerous lengths, textures, colors, and other G10 accessories are also being developed. “

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