FN PS90 Custom Barrel Shroud/Rail

    PS90 Carbine with Dan's custom upgrades

    The FN PS90 Carbine is the consumer-legal version of the FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon. The PS90 removes the full auto fire control group and increases the barrel length from 10″ to 16″. The same compact bullpup stock is used on the PS90 as on the original P90, despite a PS90’s longer barrel. The short stock, which was designed for a PDW, not a Carbine, isn’t as ergonomic as it could be and in my opinion it looks awkward with the long barrel protruding so far in front.

    FN PS90 in factory configuration.

    FN PS90 in factory configuration.

    Dan Haga of Dan Haga Designs has developed a very nifty Barrel Shroud/Forend, Rail and Cheek Riser for the FN PS90. It adds a forend for holding the carbine ergonomically, 3/6/9 o’clock rails for accessories and a cheek riser that makes the carbine easier to use with optics. Apart from being practical, I think it looks awesome.


    PS90Painted02 PS90Painted03


    I asked Dan when, or if, he planned on manufacturing this upgrade kit for sale. He told me that he hopes to built some prototype for sale to people interested in testing the system. Dan hopes to find investors or manufacturers who can help him take it to the market. If you want to get in touch with Dan, contact him through Facebook.

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