AJAX machine gun armor

    Tactical Revolution has armor panels that can be mounted to a machine gun to help protect the shooter.

    We’ve all heard that Fire Draws Fire for a reason. When machine gunners light up the battlefield they draw a lot of kinetic attention. Everyone wants to put their head down, but it’s your job to keep your head in the fight — literally. This is where the AJAX
    Armor System comes in.

    The AJAX Armor System is a highly versatile, lightweight weapon
    mountable ballistic shield designed to defeat high-velocity projectiles. It consists of two sides that attach to your weapon’s standard side rails. With you behind the gun and AJAX
    fully deployed, the two sides combine to provide frontal shoulder-width ballistic protection to critical areas such as your head, neck, and upper torso. Furthermore, the system does not interfere with your effective line of sight or any weapon mounted optics. Since the mounting system is designed to mate with standard side
    rails, the AJAX Armor System can be easily repurposed from one gun to another. Several design features make this an easy task. Firstly, all operations, including attachment and detachment are tool-free, and all can be done with a single hand. Quick-Attach / Quick-Detach (“QA/QD”) components allow the high-hardness
    armor plates to be quickly separated from the armor mounts at any time.

    The full up-armoring process, through complete deployment of the AJAX system can be done in less than 10 seconds per side. Furthermore, each side can be entirely doffed from your
    weapon in less than 5 seconds. The low-profile armor plates and fully-collapsible compact mounts enable for easy stowage when not in use.

    This ease of use and system versatility allows you to prioritize where and when the AJAX Armor System is deployed. Ideal applications may include use on vehicle mounted machine guns, checkpoints, defensive fortifications, base of fire elements, etc. Simply put, AJAX provides ballistic protection where you need it,
    when you need it, delivering on the phrase “We’ve got you covered”.

    Patent # US 8,511,215 B1

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