Choosing a CCW – MAC Runs Though Some Questions

    There are three questions I seem to get asked as a firearms industry writer on an almost daily basis, which are:

    1. Q: Is this AR a good one for me? or What is a good AR for me?
    2. Q: Can you recommend a good AR trigger?
    3. Q: Can you recommend a good handgun for me for concealed carry?

    Most of the time the answer is not as simple as a making a single recommendation.  There are things that you need to know about the person, what they are looking to do and some decision they need to make.  In the end, I cannot tell you what is going to work for you.

    About a week ago I came across this video from MAC, where he covers all the the questions and things that I run people though for a good concealed carry handgun.  Many times I tell people take an afternoon, go to a store and handle everything.  Not just things you are interested in… Everything.  From there make a list from there on things that you can go to a local range with rentals and shoot.  Many times people tend to find something that they weren’t even considering because it fit their hand.

    I cannot put my hand on your arm, get a feeling and make a recommendation of one of the 1000+ types of handguns out there.  Really, it is just not possible.  When someone asked me the same question the other day, I sent them this video… Followed by the gun store and range recommendation.  Today, they are the proud owner of a Glock 42, and they are happy with it and shoot it well.  Because they took the time to do some homework and make a decision based on their own comfort, abilities and needs.