New DIY AR…0% Lowers Now Available

    80% Arms, makers of many types of 80% lowers looks to be throwing brickbats at the ATF by introducing the 0% lower.  Yes, that’s right… Your very own billet aluminum block to mill into a completed lower.  I must admit, when my brother Chris emailed me a link to the page, I literally fell out my chair laughing.  So, if you would like your own 0% lower to turn into your very on AR with just a little bit of work, check out 80% Arms page here.  Take that ATF!


    We are pleased to offer the finest 0% lower receivers in the world. What is a zero percent lower you ask? As the name suggests, it’s a lower receiver that is zero percent complete. In other words, a solid brick of aluminum. Our lowers start off in the form of these bricks and are machined to 80% completion on our state-of-the art 5 axis CNC mills. These 0% lowers are heavy and have sharp edges. They could make a good weapon if thrown at an attacker. Don’t tell the Obama administration, lest they try to ban these very scary things.