Comprehensive Corrosion Test: 46 Products Compared

    Day At The Range have posted an incredibly comprehensive evaluation of 46 different gun care products.

    We all want to use goods quality products on our guns, bows, fishing gear, knives, autos, hunting and lake front gear and like you I’m not a fan of letting things get rust on them nor am I a fan of items wearing out prematurely. To protect my investment in gear, I began searching for rust inhibitors and lubrication solutions to make the maintenance of my gear as effective and efficient as possible but I understand that neglect is the primary cause of corrosion and wear and we must be diligent but having a corrosion inhibitor and lubricants aiding us in meeting those goals is helpful.

    The problem is there are so many products on the market all making claims of how well they perform. Who do you trust? What is one to believe?

    If you don’t read it now, bookmark it for later reference.

    Steve Johnson

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