Viridian Releases Latest S&W M&P Shield Tac Light

    Viridian claims this is the “first taclight for the S&W shield”. Their latest taclight is a useful offering as it easily fits within the confines of the frame, not sticking out in front of the muzzle. Secondly, it comes readily compatible with Viridian’s Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) instant-on holster systems.


    Viridian’s current line-up for the Shield. They have options for green or red combo light/lasers or the newly released light only.


    The RTL-Shield provides 30 minutes of constant run time at 100 lumens or 50 minutes of strobe at 140 lumens. The light is constructed of high-strength polymer. MSRP is $119, but I suspect it will be sub-$100 through the usual suspects.

    As someone who is a proponent that every defensive (if not all weapons) should have a light, this is a welcome addition for Shield fans. With my own subcompact heading back to the factory for repair (story posted soon), the Shield is becoming an even more attractive option.


    What do you think, TFB readers? Any experience with the ECR holster system on your handguns?

    Full presser below:

    Viridian® has launched the world’s first taclight for the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, giving this popular weapon vastly improved defensive prowess.

    The new Reactor™ TL (RTL) taclight packs world-class technology into a tiny package: advanced Radiance™ combat optics, powerful 140 lumen light, constant or strobe, and ECR™ Instant-On technology. Each Reactor includes a free holster and two sets of batteries.

    “Demand for this product has been high, especially by law enforcement.” says Viridian President Brian Hedeen. “Officers often carry a Shield as a back-up or off-duty weapon. They really understand the value of a great light.”

    ECR™ (Enhanced Combat Readiness™) Instant-On technology ignites the light at the instant of draw, without fumbling with buttons, sliders or unfamiliar grips. Every Reactor comes with an ECR™ Instant-On holster. To arm ECR™, simply turn on the light before holstering. The light will automatically turn off when in the holster. Upon draw, the light instantly activates, giving you the edge. Under life and death pressure, that fail-safe response can make all the difference.

    In addition to its game-changing size and sleek design, the Reactor™ TL’s unique Radiance™ wide-beam technology illuminates over twice the horizontal area of standard taclights, for faster discovery and targeting.

    High-output constant and strobe functions have the power of far bigger lights — up to 140 lumens – to expose, blind and disorient without weight or bulk. Viridian suggests that users select the constant mode for scanning and searching. Select the strobe mode in a self-defense situation. Being hit by a strobing light can cause the bad guy to experience dizziness and confusion.

    Packed with features, the RTL even includes a two-color battery level indicator.

    Viridian® is the fastest growing laser sight manufacturer in the nation, responsible for a number of industry-leading product innovations in green and red laser sights, taclights, ECR™ Instant-On technology, TacLoc™ holsters, and shooting accessories. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Viridian® is devoted to utilizing cutting-edge technology to offer compact, powerful self-defense products for the civilian, military, and law enforcement markets. Viridian products are designed and built in the USA.


    Update: Corrected photo to Shield and added video explaining ECR.

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