New Chinese CS/LR14 7.62x51mm Automatic Rifle

    A new Chinese rifle called the CS/LR14 7.62x51mm Automatic Rifle has been on display at a law enforcement expo in Beijing. This rifle looks like it is a modernized version of the old Type 81 rifle but chambered in 7.62x51mm rather than 7.62x39mm (note, the Type 81 design looks similar to the AK, but internally it uses a short stroke gas system).

    Chinese CS LR14 rifle

    The CS/LR14 features a top cover rail with an integrated HK-style diopter rear sight, a side-folding and length adjustable stock, a quad rail handguard, a muzzlebrake/compensator and a polymer 7.62x51mm magazine.

    One curious aspect of this gun is that it retains the original Type-81 rear sight, which sits above the chamber, in addition to the diopter rear sight on the top cover. The original Type-81 sight can fold down out of the way.




    Thanks to Lionel and Matrix3692 for the photos and information. 

    Steve Johnson

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