New Chinese CS/LR14 7.62x51mm Automatic Rifle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A new Chinese rifle called the CS/LR14 7.62x51mm Automatic Rifle has been on display at a law enforcement expo in Beijing. This rifle looks like it is a modernized version of the old Type 81 rifle but chambered in 7.62x51mm rather than 7.62x39mm (note, the Type 81 design looks similar to the AK, but internally it uses a short stroke gas system).

The CS/LR14 features a top cover rail with an integrated HK-style diopter rear sight, a side-folding and length adjustable stock, a quad rail handguard, a muzzlebrake/compensator and a polymer 7.62x51mm magazine.

One curious aspect of this gun is that it retains the original Type-81 rear sight, which sits above the chamber, in addition to the diopter rear sight on the top cover. The original Type-81 sight can fold down out of the way.

Thanks to Lionel and Matrix3692 for the photos and information.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Wu Jintao Wu Jintao on Aug 31, 2014

    type81 is a full auto USSR SKS(7.62X39 semi auto), so this one is a NATO 7.62X51 SKS.

  • Trash Boat Trash Boat on Nov 04, 2014

    Be interesting to see who buys this if it gets any sales, AK using Third world and Eastern bloc countries never used really battle rifles since they copied the Soviet style with the SVD being their DMR of choice. perhaps Bangladesh or some other China friendly country that doesn't just use the G3?