Battle Rifles Company Releases AR15 in Conjunction with ODIN Works

    Battle Rifles Company has released a new AR15 called the BR4 Odin, which features none other then a ODIN Works 12.5″ Keymod rail, the same rail that I recently reviewed here at TFB.  Makers of high quality, yet affordable AR’s I would expect nothing more than a great AR15 in their newly released configuration.

    May 8, 2014 (TX) – Battle Rifle company, builder of quality and affordable AR platform rifles is proud to introduce the BR4 Odin model 5.56 or a 300 Blackout rifle.

    The BR4 Odin is a joint project between Battle Rifle Company and Odin Works, as a premium carbine  within the rifle line up. This carbine has a 12.5 inch KEYMOD rail carrying a 14.5 inch barrel with Battle Rifle flash suppressor mounted permanently. This rifle handles like no other, and you’ll feel the light weight, balance and strength of this unique combination. In addition to being available with a mid-length gas port, the rifle also comes standard with a Magpul stock, B.A.D lever, single point sling adapter and an extended trigger guard.

    “The BR4 Odin is our line-up leader,” says Chris Kurzadkowski, owner of Battle Rifle Company. “We invite any shooter: competition, military, law enforcement or just AR enthusiasts to run the BR4 Odin. We have spared no expense and put great effort into combining quality precision products with affordability. We feel we have a winning combination.”

    Retail Price for the Battle Rifle BR4 Odin is $1495.

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    For more info on ODIN Works, you can visit their website at