First of Many Arm Brace MP5’s to Hit the Street (MAC Reviews POF-5 9mm)

    The surprise ruling by the ATF has opened a significant market to gun manufacturers in the United States. When I was at the NRA show, I was just starting to get a hint of the many good things to come. PTR Industries (G3 Clones), Sig Sauer, and other brands were starting to talk of their new pistol lines and in some cases, their own braces. To put it simply, the ruling is a blessing for all types of pistols and I suspect that HK clones like this one will be first out of the gate.

    POF-5 Review Picture

    Military Arms Channel was able to work with POF (Pakistan Ordnance Factory) with one of their latest prototype’s set for release soon. The POF-5 9mm is a licence-built MP5 clone firing semi-auto only. The kicker to the video is Century Arms’ latest prototype stock adapter, complete with a arm brace. in addition, it comes with threads and tri-lug adapters for suppressors.

    This make a strong candidate for a full-auto conversion as soon as the FFL arrives.

    Hit the video below for all the glory shots you can imaging.

    Nathan S

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