Fishing bobbers made of shotgun shells

    Russ Chastain at All Outdoor blogs about a company selling fishing bobbers made out of shotgun shells ….

    Like many other folks, I first saw the Shell Bobber on the TV show Shark Tank, where folks try to get jillionaires to invest in their companies. The two guys who dreamed up the notion of using old shotgun hulls as fishing bobbers did a good job of presenting the product, and I liked the idea. Mark Cuban did, too, becoming an investor in their company, Fishing Ammo.

    Basically, two guys who like to shoot shotguns and go fishing decided to make bobbers out of old 12 gauge shotgun hulls. They deprimed the brass, inserted a spring & stem into the primer hole, crammed some light fluffy stuff into the empty plastic shell, and crimped it shut. Instant bobber!

    Steve Johnson

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