Teludyne Tech $1200 Moszilla Rifle

    Teludyne Tech inventors of the StraightJacket Barrel System is now building custom target Mosin Nagant rifles they’re calling the Moszilla. The StraightJacket Barrel System consists of a thin tube that surrounds the factory barrel with a proprietary substance injected between the barrel and tube. Teludyne claims their system helps increase accuracy, improve heat dissipation and reduce recoil.

    Teludyne’s Moszilla Mosin Nagant target rifle uses their StraightJacket Barrel System that they install onto hand picked rifles. The package also includes a ProMag¬†Archangel AA9130 stock and detachable box mag, a Rock Solid scope mount, custom turned down bolt handle and adjustable Timney trigger. All for $1200 (not including optics). Have an extra Mosin sitting around? They can also retrofit your own Mosin Nagant rifle as well. Teludyne claims customers have reported 1 to 1.5 MOA groups. Check out for more info.


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