Blaser’s Triple Barrel Bockdrilling BD14

    Blaser BD14

    Blaser’s new break action combination gun is a triple barrel design that gives shooters a lot of variation with each trigger pull.  The BD14 is a drilling gun, which derives its name from the German word for three and not the mechanical act of boring.

    The top chamber/barrel is designed for the 20 gauge shotshell.  The lower chamber/barrel can be had in any of the following calibers:

    • 5.6×52 R (aka .22 Savage High-Power)
    • 6.5×55
    • 6.5×57 R
    • 7×57 R
    • 7×65 R
    • .308 Win
    • .30-06
    • .30 R Blaser
    • 8×57 IRS
    • 9.3×74

    The third chamber/barrel can be had in one of these four calibers:

    • .22 Hornet
    • .222 Rem
    • 5.6×50 R Magnum
    • 5.6×52 R

    It appears the third barrel, mounted on the right side of the gun, is adjustable allowing for regulation with the primary barrels.  Trigger weights are listed as 1 lb, 7 oz.

    Richard Johnson

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