Report: Iraqi Snipers Using Iranian Rifles

    iraqi with iranian rifle

    War is Boring is reporting that Iraqi government troops are being outfitted with rifles from neighboring Iran.  The rifles specifically mentioned were the Sayyad, a clone of the Steyr Hs. 50 and a Siavash, a 7.62×51 clone of the US military M40 rifle.

    Siavash sniper rifle

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    Little information is widely available on either rifle.  The Sayyad, also referred to as the Sayyad-2 by some, has been a source of some controversy due to its appearance in war zones outside of Iran.

    This video appears to show the Iranian Sayyad-2 rifle:

    Additional photos of the Sayyad-2 rifle from the Iran Military Facebook page:

    sniper rifles iran

    iranian rifle


    iran sniper rifle

    iranian sniper rifle

    This photo from shows a Siavash rifle with what appears to be a synthetic, thumbhole stock and accessory rails:

    Siavash sniper rifle

    Thanks to Max for the tip.

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