First Spear Skirmisher Pack

    First Spear has come out with a very interesting range bag. It seems rather discrete as it is not bedazzled with Molle. It would have helped if it came in other colors, rather than the common color palette of tactical equipment. Color aside, this pack can hold a decent amount of firearms. Three pistols and a broken down AR-15. On top of that, it has compartments for ammo, magazines, ear protection and shooting glasses. All of that in a decent sized backpack. Now comes the compromise, the price. $267.78. But when you start comparing that to other tactical back packs, like Kifaru, Mystery Ranch, or Triple Aught Design; $267.78 isn’t that bad.


    They come in Multicam, Coyote, Black and Foliage.



    Front and back.



    Side pockets have 4 elastic/velcro mag organizers


    Here is the pack fully opened with contents.





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