Ohio Ordnance Works HCAR (Modernized BAR)

    Ohio Ordnance Works has been busy preparing their new HCAR for release. Originally debuted in 2013, reports from Bearing Arms indicate that the rifle will be heading to production soon.



    The HCAR or “Heavy Counter-Assault Rifle” is a modernized and improved Browning Automatic Rifle that Ohio Ordnance Works has been producing for over 20 years. Notable improvements include bolt-hold-open, increased magazine capacity, lighter weight, and ergonomic selector switch.

    Update: Fixed “Ordnance” (originally “Ordinance”)per comments.

    Pictures are courtesy Soldier Systems:

    The Heavy Counter Assault Rifle by Ohio Ordnance Works is based on the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle. Chambered for .30-06, the HCAR sports many improvements over the original BAR including a reduction in weight of nearly 8 lbs, modernized selector switch and bolt hold open/release, and a proprietary 30-round magazine. 

    The HCAR will soon be available from Osprey Armament.



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