Reality vs Imagination

    Gun Nuts Media posted an interesting article. Caleb Giddings wrote about how he sets up his guns in real life and that he follows the same ideology when setting up his guns in the virtual world via a video game.

    I have the opposite mentality. I feel that real guns are limited by certain real world rules. There are no true high capacity pistol magazines like we see in the movies. Weight, size, ammo are all limiting factors. If we could remove such feeble limitations, then the sky is the limit.

    Back in the early 2000s, I was an avid airsofter, running around with my friends in SoCal. I made this monstrosity out of my Tokyo Marui P90TR. I was using a LayLax box magazine that is fed using a hi-cap winding M4 magazine. It has a resevoir of bbs that are fed into the magazine. The bbs then channel thru a waterwheel like device, up and over and down into the gun thru a channel in the box magazine internals. It is complicated but it works and I had 1500 rds of bbs.

    There were purists who scoffed at my hideous creation. But if you think about it, these guns are re-purposed RC car technology. Rechargeable batteries and gears just to shoot some BBs. If we could fit 1,500 rds of bullets into such a compact package, I am pretty sure the military and the civilian world would be all over it.

    The world is what we make of it. Make it fun. Use your imagination.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
    Night Vision & Thermal Aficionado
    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
    USPSA competitor

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