HIPERFIRE Releases HIPERTOUCH 24 3Gun AR Trigger

    HIPERFIRE has released a new trigger, the HIPERTOUCH 24 3Gun (3G) trigger.  This is the same sear geometry as the 24C, but with a more traditional curved bow giving those that like the familiar feel of a curved trigger the ability to get into their competition line of triggers.

    As a long time user of HIPERFIRE triggers it is no secret that I fully believe they are one of the best triggers on the market.  I use them in all of my AR’s that require precision shooting including my competition precision rifle.  This is just another great trigger that they are adding to an already impressive lineup. For more information on the new 24 3G, check this link, or take a look at the video below: http://www.hiperfire.com/hipertouch243g.html