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Ammo Prices: 05/30/2014

Week 10. My apologies for last week’s issue with the table headers. The problem is related to some annoyances with the content management software–basically it strips out some of the attributes I put in the headers for styling and analytics. If I don’t [Read More…]


Home Made HK P7 HCA

Albanian member prestonlennox recently published photos and videos of a home made HK P7 “half cock action” (HCA) pistol.  Working on rumors of a new Heckler & Koch striker-fired pistol, the poster took a Umarex SP9 and Browning HP parts to make [Read More…]

G42 laser

G42 Laser from LaserLyte

LaserLyte is now shipping a laser aiming unit for the Glock 42 pistol.  The new unit uses a red laser that mounts to the front of the trigger guard. The unit will have two laser housings one to fit the G42, and the second to fit the G26/G27 pistols.  This would allow [Read More…]

Reconsidering the Carcano

The Carcano rifle often evokes only two reactions in people.  First, most remember the Kennedy Assassination.  This is usually followed by a murmuring of how Oswald could have done the deed with such a sloppy, inaccurate, unreliable, rifle that has just as much a [Read More…]


SIG X-Five

The SIG SAUER  X-Five series of handguns are now being sold in the US.  The guns are competition guns that are a bit more expensive than the regular SIG offerings.  The guns being sold are the: XFIVE ALL AROUND, MSRP $2,245 XFIVE CLASSIC, MSRP $2,679 XFIVE ENTRY, [Read More…]

WarFairy’s 3D Printable AR-15 Bullpup

3D printing has been growing in popularity recently with 3D printed firearms and accessories making headlines over the past year or two. Well here’s an awesome new design that’s been released recently by WarFairy over on Reddit. Dubbed the Hanuman AR-15 [Read More…]