NRA 2014: Hawke Sport Optics Rimfire Scope

    If you can ignore my camera’s inability to focus through a scope I would call this the “sleeper hit” of the show. Hawke Sport Optics recently released their Hawke Sport HD IR 3-9×40 Rimfire SR Reticle Scope. Calibrated for a 1300 fps .22lr round*, the scope has built-in aim points for 50 – 200 yards.

    *1300 fps correlates closely to the 16″ barrels (10/22 or 15/22 rifles) using common high-velocity ammunition (CCI Mini Mag, Federal Bulk, etc.)


    The scope is aimed squarely at the recreational rimfire crowd. Speaking with their representative Trent, he was quick to make the valid point that other rimfire scopes often cost more than their base firearms. While this is acceptable for high-dollar precision rifles and enthusiasts, those of us like me who shoot .22lr for plinking fun or varmint control are not looking to spend $300-600 on glass on our inexpensive rifles.


    The glass was clear and crisp on the show floor. There are 10 illumination settings, 5 red and 5 green. When lit at full brightness, there was no excess glare. If the batteries go out, the second focal plane reticle is etched. Adjustments are on the turrets. Single clicks are 1/4 MOA.

    The Rimfire SR retails for $139.99, but you can find it at Optics Planet for $129 (sold out). Hawke said the first batch sold like wildfire and they are awaiting the next shipment here soon. They expect it to sell out quickly as well.

    With me so close, Hawke promised a facility tour and scope for review. Look for it as soon as the next batch arrives!

    IMG_2418 IMG_2420

    Nathan S

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