NRA 2014: Hands-On with EO-Techs new Laser Battery Caps

    Released at SHOTShow earlier this year, EO-Tech had a few sample at their NRA booth. Available for the 512 or 522, the Laser Battery Cap (LBC) is a stand-alone accessory and is now shipping as a complete package with applicable sights. Options include a visible-only laser or a visible & IR LBC.


    The lasers are mind-numblingly intuitive (switch = “On”), which I consider a good thing. With their placement, the switches do not extend into the field-of-view of teh shooter.The units were sturdy, not showing any movement when I tried to push hard with my hands.  I would suspect that they will hold zero or have very little POI shift using EO-Tech’s mounting cantilever system.

    EO-Tech has offered units for review. We hope to get them in soon and will run them through the harshest test we know: Nathan 3-gunning. Just this weekend, I managed to fall twice, have to split my ACR into separate receivers to safe a weapon, and was hit by shrapnel off a steel target. For all the effort, I came in 3rd.

    Gallery below of the two models:

    Nathan S

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