NRA 2014: Faxon Firearms’ New Barrel Device “Time Lock” System & ARAK-21 Tear-Down

    The Faxon Muzzle Brake is a strong contender for my personal “Best in Show” award. While the brake looks effective, the magic behind it is a set of opposing threaded locking ring over the top of the base threads. No need to use crush washers. This is an easy-index system with easy-on/easy-off capabilities. They call it their “time lock” feature.

    Faxon plans to offer the system to other OEMs through either a license or providing locking rings. Foxon’s brake will be available soon. It will retail for $49.99.


    I also was able to go hands-on with the ARAK-21 rifle. Faxon did a full tear-down and build-up of the upper system for YouTuber Hank Strange and I. (Hank is a really nice guy!). If you listen closely, we ask a few follow-up questions on calibers, etc.


    Good news, readers! Faxon is only aout two hours from me. We are working on scheduling a factory visit and review of the ARAK upper. It will likely be a few weeks, as I have yet another International trip for the day job.


    Nathan S

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