CZ Submachine Gun in Syria

    UPDATE: I was sure I had seen that gun before … I must have inspected ~50 different guns, but for some reason I forgot to look up Czech guns, so now I look like an idiot who cannot identify a relatively popular 20th century subgun. The gun is a Czech CZ Model 25 (Sa vz. 23). Epic fail. Will leave this post up anyway.

    A reader spotted an interesting submachine gun in a Vice documentary Syria’s Unending Rebel Conflict: Wolves of the Valley. Just before the documentary end, at about 24:49, a man in a black range rover is shown waving around a submachine gun. It appears to be chambered in 9mm. The  receiver is tubular, not unlike the Sten or Sterling submachine gun, it has a magazine inserted into the pistol grip and lacks a trigger guard. It has either a side-folding or under-folding wire stock. It has a forward handguard under the receiver, similar to the Uzi handguard.


    The trigger group/magazine well/pistol grip looks very Uzi-like, and also looks welded in place. I would not be surprised it was borrowed from an Mini/Micro/regular Uzi. The full documentary is embedded below …

    Many thanks to Hydepark for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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