NRA 2014: The Relia-bolt & Sharps 25.45

    Sharps Rifle Company had a small, but significant booth. They were there primarily to focus on two products: the relia-bolt and their new cartridge, the Sharps .25-45

    The Relia-bolt is an upgrade over the standard mil-spec AR-15 bolt system. Using rounded and tapered front lugs, the bolt is better able to break past fouling and debris to chamber rounds in harsh conditions.

    In addition to the new lug geometry the bolt is NP3-coated (think like nickel-boron) and uses an even higher quality than mil-spec steel (S7) to make it 75% stronger.

    The Relia-Bolt is covered by a lifetime warranty.

    Relia-bolt with lugs clearly visible.

    Relia-bolt with lugs clearly visible.



    Awesome cut-away of the chamber of an AR-15 with the Relia-Bolt installed.


    Also now shipping is Sharps .25-.45 ammunition. Developed in response to continued “shortcomings” of the 5.56 round and other substitutes, the .25-.45 Sharps increases the lethality of the AR platform. In short, it necks up a 5.56 brass to accept a .25 caliber round. The current loading pushes a 87-grain bullet 3,000 FPS out of a 20″ barrel.

    Like the 300 BLK, the .25-.45 Sharps is designed to be a barrel-only replacement. Barrels are now available from Sharps with other manufacturers coming online soon. Reloading dies are also available.


    Nathan S

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