MagPul Releases M-LOK Attachment System

    Announced via Soldier Systems earlier today, MagPul has debuted its new open-source M-LOK rail attachment system, the next generation of the MOE slot system. Unlike other systems and true to MagPul’s heritage, the M-LOK system is designed to be used with either metal or polymer systems.


    Aimed squarely at KeyMod, I would estimate that it will be quickly picked up by the OEM community. Since it uses straight cuts, it will cost significantly less machine time to produce compatible rail systems. Secondly, with less material required, I can see systems being lighter. Geissele Automatics is already on board with their upcoming MK8 rails. 

    In MagPul’s own words from the M-LOK FAQ:

    Q: Why the M-LOK system and not another existing open source system such as KeyMod?
    A: In our experience, KeyMod is not a suitable mounting system for polymer products,
    because a conical nut is used to secure the accessory in place. On plastic materials, the
    conical mating surfaces of KeyMod will either promote cracking or loosening due to creep
    and deformation of the material.
    In addition, KeyMod’s undercut also requires the use of specialized cutters for CNC
    operations or complex injection mold designs. As a result of the KeyMod design, the QC
    process becomes significant with high volume manufacturing, resulting in increased time
    and cost when compared to manufacturing the M-LOK system

    The full details of the system can be found in their FAQ available here.


    You can bet I will go hands-on at NRA later this week!

    Nathan S

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