Magpul Shipping Ghost Gray and LR/SR Magazine Accessories

    Magpul, as most of us know, is well known in for their polymer accessories and magaines.   Now they have announced they are shipping the anticipated Ghost Gray accessories.  Also getting ready to ship in the next week is windowed 25rd LR/SR (7.62×51) magazines, as well as ranger plates and round limiters for the LR/SR magazines.


    I am really probably most excited about the LR/SR ranger plates just cause they really help to get magazines out of a mag carrier for reloads.  I happen to have my LR/SR mags on my plate carrier, and having the extra loop to grab is all the better to grab them by.  I have personally been a long time user of ranger plates for my 5.56 mags, and find them to make reloads much easier.  So being able to get them for my LR/SR mags will be a welcome addition.


    The round limiters, ranger plates and windowed LR/SR magazines are shipping now according to Magpul’s website, but per their email are not set to ship until May 1.  An email has been sent to Magpul for clarification. Check back for an update.

    One product update in fine print at the bottom of their release that could easily be overlooked was that all foliage green accessories will be discontinued as an option, and will be phased out.  Also, all non-black magazines will also be discontinued.  While I have always liked the tan magazines to be able to load them with different rounds to aid in visually knowing what rounds are going into my rifle, while some people like them just to match the rest of your Magpul furniture.  So if you are a fan of one of the non-black colors, get them while you can!



    For more information on the new offerings from Magpul, head on over to their product release and propaganda blog found here: