The 9mm Kayaian Machine Pistol

    In 1957, George Kayaian was tasked by his wife to replace a stubborn and ailing sun lounger. After a trip to Lowe’s and several hours of tinkering in his basement, the Kayaian Machine Pistol was instead born.

    kayaiansmg2 improguns


    Its first obvious feature is its long receiver which also doubles as a stock, using its length to reduce its diameter. The bolt is a very small part, requiring little machining work with much of the weight instead provided by the large spring guide rod behind it. Its trigger housing, front sight and magazine well are made from one folded section onto which the ejector is housed. A small strip of spring steel functions as a magazine catch and the trigger itself appears also to be made from a single piece of steel.


    A ruler was also provided for you, out of pure kindness.