Taiwan 9mm MSR Submachine Gun Prototype

    Last year we published photos of the service rifle being developed by the Taiwanese military. According to the Youtube video embedded below they are also developing a 9mm submachine gun. The submachine gun is patterned after the rifle and probably shares a number of common parts. It has a folding buttstock (someone on the video says the stock has been 3D printed and they are testing different designs), ambidextrous controls and a full length top rail. The barrel looks to be about 7″ in length.

    Taiwan 9mm MSR  Submachine Gun Prototype 22

    Taiwan 9mm MSR  Submachine Gun Prototype 3

    Taiwan 9mm MSR  Submachine Gun Prototype

    Anyone who has been visiting TFB for a while knows how much I love seeing new submachine guns. After a long hiatus, when sub-caliber PDWs and M-forgeries took the spotlight, they are slowly making a comeback. Now if only Ruger would bring back the PC9 Carbine …

    Steve Johnson

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