The Dark Side of Training

    This is an interesting video. I don’t know this group. Some of the things they do seem a bit extreme. There are some intriguing aspects that I find could be fun to try. Like the moving targets on poles. It presents a somewhat more dynamic aspect to one’s practice. Rather than having stationary targets or a swinging target, here you can simulate people in your way, safely. The only other way you could simulate this is with force on force and with airsoft or simunition. The ice plunge is another interesting challenge. I recall an episode of the Mythbusters where they tested pain tolerance and used hands submerged in ice to test pain thresholds. So there are multiple aspects to that challenge. Pain in the hands on top of the wetness and possible shivering of the hands, while trying to manipulate a hand gun.
    If you watch near the end, the shooter shoots into the ground. It reminds me of the Russian technique we saw in the Larry Vicker’s confidence video. It is used as a warning shot. Other aspects like having a plastic bag over your head and having someone spray some type of liquid into your eyes seems extreme but I guess it could happen so why not try training for it but as I am not in LE or military I can only surmise the effectiveness or necessity of this type of training.

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