SIG Elite Performance Ammo: More Information

    Elite Performance Ammunition

    SIG SAUER released additional information on the company’s new Elite Performance ammunition.

    A Few Points

    • SIG states the ammunition is designed for “personal defense.”  Law enforcement agencies typically look to the standard FBI tests and a 12″ minimum gel penetration.  Some makers of personal defense ammo do not try to achieve the 12″ minimum.   While SIG did not address this specifically, not trying to meet the FBI standards would explain the sub-12″ penetration results obtained by LuckyGunner when testing .380 ACP and 9mm rounds.
    • SIG makes reference to “controlled expansion” and states the company used a “unique toothed cannelure located halfway up the shank of the bullet to more effectively lock the jacket and core.”  A similar technique has been used successfully by Hornady in the InterLock line of bullets.
    • SIG states the brass cases are Techni-crom coated.  It is not explained what, if any, difference there is between standard nickel plated cases and Techni-crom.  In fact, SIG even refers to the cases as nickel plated when they stated on the company website: “A nickel plated brass case reduces corrosion, enhances lubricity, and improves feeding and extraction.”

    Load Specifications

    • .380 ACP
      • 90 gr JHP
      • 980 fps (4″ test barrel)
      • 192 ft-lbs
    • 9mm
      • 124 gr JHP
      • 1189 fps (4″ test barrel)
      • 390 ft-lbs
    • .357 SIG
      • 125 gr JHP
      • 1356 fps (4″ test barrel)
      • 511 ft-lbs
    • .40 S&W
      • 165 gr JHP
      • 1090 fps (4″ test barrel)
      • 435 ft-lbs
    • .45 ACP
      • 200 gr JHP
      • 918 fps (5″ barrel)
      • 374 ft-lbs

    More people making ammunition has the potential to increase supply and drive prices down.  However, these rounds do not yet have a track record.  It remains to be seen if they will perform as well as the current generation of self defense ammunition from ATK, Winchester, Hornady, Remington and the rest.

    Richard Johnson

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