Accuracy International Factory Tour

    The Telegraph newspaper has published a factory tour video of the Accuracy International factory in Portsmouth, England. Click though to watch the video.

    At a discreet location on the outskirts of Portsmouth, Accuracy International makes precision sniper rifles of world-leading quality.

    In November 2009, one of the company’s products was used by British Army Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison, when he fired the longest ever confirmed sniper kill in history against Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. The distance between CoH Harrison and his target was an incredible 2,710 yard, more than a mile and a half.

    Tom Irwin, one of Accuracy International’s directors says the company’s founders – one of whom, Dave Walls, is still at the helm of the company – combined their knowledge of competitive target shooting with the experiences of serving military units before creating their first rifle, the new L96A1 – nicknamed the “Green Meanie” by troops.

    Thanks to Mouse for the tip.

    Steve Johnson

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