CAA Secubit Gun Shot Counter

    Earlier this year CAA introduced their new Secubit Gun Shot Counter system that records every shot of your gun. For those who like to keep meticulous records of their shot count the Secubit GS-Counter records how many rounds you’ve fired, your pace of fire and the exact dates and times you’ve made each shot. All the info can then be viewed and analyzed on a computer or tablet via USB or on Android phones via their app (an iPhone version is in the works). Currently Secubit offers a model for Glocks as well as a universal Picatinny model for the AR-15, AK-47 and other rifles with versions for more models on the way soon.

    The GS-Counter™ is a new revolutionary system that enables the real-time recording and storing of gunfire data. The GS-Counter™ is based on measuring energy along time, fitted with advanced software that automatically collects and stores gunfire data, making it available for off-line analysis of the user and the weapon performances. The GS-Counter™ distinguishes between shots, cocking of the gun and other events that should be recorded. The data can be easily viewed in a computer, tablet or mobile phone which is connected to the GS-Counter™. The light weight device (GS-Counter™) provides you with the capability of a true “black-box” for your gun.



    The Glock model (seen on the left) weights in at 12 gr and is installed in the socket behind the magazine well. The Picatinny model (seen on the right) attaches to the rail and weights in at 24 gr. When used with an AR-15 it can record both single as well as full-auto shots. MSRP is $100. Check out for more info.

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