Arsenal SAM7UF Rifle


    Arsenal announced the introduction of the SAM7UF rifle:  an AK-style, under-folding rifle chambered in 7.62×39.  According to Arsenal, the rifle made an brief appearance as the SAS M-7 rifle in a limited run.  At that time, the rifle sold for more than $2,000.  The new SAM7UF carries an MSRP of only $1,299.



    • reinforced under-folding stock that is said to reduce muzzle climb and increase accuracy when compared to the tilt-down under-folding stocks
    • hot-die hammer forged milled receiver
    • 16.3″ chrome-lined, hammer forged barrel with 14x1mm LH threads
    • first batch of rifles will ship with a $50 coupon for purchases at K-Var Corp (the distributor of these rifles)


    The rifles ship with a single 10-round magazine, but will take any mil-spec AK-47 magazine.

    Richard Johnson

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