Steyr Arms Grand Opening in Bessemer, AL

    As reported here at TFB back in December 2013, Steyr Arms was moving to a new manufacturing facility in Bessemer, AL., as well as several other publications are now reporting the grand opening of the new Steyr Arms facility in Bessemer, AL.  On  on April 4, 2014 Steyr through a grand opening party and on hand was Ernst Reichmayer, owner of Steyr Mannlicher as well as the Mayor Kenneth Gulley, Mayor of Bessemer, AL and Allan Cors, Vice President of the NRA

    For more on the grand opening celebration, visit the story from here.

    For more about Steyr, please feel free to visit their site or give them a call at (205) 417-8644.

    Thanks Jefferson for the tip!


    Steyr grand opening, April 4th 2014. Bessemer, AL (