KolArms adds 9mm to the VZ 58’s Capabilities

    Kaliber magazine’s editor turned TFB onto a new development from Hungary. A small company called KolArms has created a 9mm conversion kit for the Vz. 58 rifle. Mr.Vass (Kaliber’s Chief Editor) breaks the conversion and other developments down:

    This a newly-made conversion of the venerable czechslovakian Vz.58 7,62×39 mm assault rifle to 9 mm Luger submachine gun. Both tested guns are prototypes only, made for a law enforcement inquiry. The first one is for the Glock pistol magazines, with a 12/76 shotgun underbarrel “doorbreaching device”, the bolt is two-part in that gun, and that is the reason for the jams. The other is more developed version, for the CZ Skorpion EVO magazines and complete new bolt, that worked perfectly. The recoil is almost nothing, the submachine guns vere easily controllable and fun to shoot…
    Both guns are simple blowback, closed bolt full auto guns, but a semiauto pistol-caliber carbine is/will be available.

    Footage of the conversion is below:

    No news if these will hit production or be exported. Here’s to hoping!

    Nathan S

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