Century Selling M44 Mosins With Archangel Stocks

    Shown off at the 2014 SHOT Show, Century will be selling a sporterized version of the Chinese Type 53 M44 patern Mosin Nagant rifle in a Archangel stock. Century is taking Type 53 rifles in inventory with beat up stocks and worn finishes and is refinishing and recrowning the barrels. Unfortunately they won’t come with the attached bayonet but they will come with a removable magazine in either 5 or 10 rounds. The barrels are 20.25″ long with the overall lenght at 40.5″ and the whole rifle weights in at 8.45lbs. There’s no word on pricing yet, the Archangel stock with a 5 round magazine is going for around $170 to $200 online however. Check out Century Arms for more info.

    Ray I.

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