TAC-CON Media Event: Part 2: Range Familiarization

    This evening we were at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility here in Phoenix shooting, and getting used to the 3MR trigger.  I happened to bring my personal AR15 so that I was familiar with the system I was going to be shooting.  Being able to put 500-600 round down range, and get used to how it functions was a real eye opening experience.

    As an initial skeptic of the system, I have to say that I have completely done a 180 and changed my mind in terms of its use, its function and its purpose.  Being able to shoot some of the different VTAC drills I was able to see how in a tactical situation the trigger system is very useful.  Having a assisted reset system helps the shooter prepare for the next shot on target and actually allows you the shooter focus on different aspects of your current shooting task.


    So how fast is the 3MR trigger?  I was able to shoot an entire 30rd magazine in 4.8sec, which translates to an average split time of a 0.16sec split.  Within that time, I was able to achieve splits down in the .10-.12 range.  Pretty impressive for a trigger system to be able to do that.  On the flip side, I was able to shoot a GI trigger group, unmodified and was shooting time more along the lines of 6.8sec for 30rds, or 0.22sec average split time.  In full auto terms, most of us were getting between 400-500rds/min.  Of course this is not the 700-950rds/min that you get on a fully automatic M4 rifle, but is still impressive for a semi-auto trigger.

    All in all a very informative evening.  Other shooters on the range this evening were getting split times down in the 4.5sec range, so with practice the trigger system is able to speed a shooter up considerably.  Talking with the TAC-CON staff and other shooters on the range, the common consensus was that when you focus on going fast, it ends up slowing you down.  Being able to trust in your own ability is the key to shooting the system correctly.

    Tomorrow we will be doing some more official splits and timing as well as tactical shooting and drills.  The video below is C. Despins, shooting next to me this evening, it is slowed down 16x to show the reset and how he is using the system.  His split times in this video are right between .14-.18sec running a VTAC 2x2x2 drill.

    I promise to take more photos tomorrow and get more video.  We happened to be at the range late this evening, and getting decent photos was close to impossible.  Also, I am still looking for question that people might be looking to get answered.

    I also wanted to add that the ambi-selector is not only ambi, it is also a 360 degree safety.  Meaning that to get to the 3rd mode, one can actually push the safety though the bottom, and directly to the 3rd position.  In talking with the TAC-CON guys, the idea is to be able to get to the 3rd position directly from safe, making the motion much more fluid and giving the shooter another option at coming off safe.

    More tomorrow from Phoenix, AZ and the TAC-CON media event!