Slideshow: Police Battling the Cartels in Rio’s Mare Favela

    Simmering quietly in the background of the upcoming World Cup, Brazil has been attempting to tackle the Cartels in Rio de Jianero’s Favelas (slums). Brazil, and more specifically, the city of Rio are making a big push to keep the city safe, clean, and attractive for the upcoming sporting competitions including the World Cup in 2014 and Summer Olympics in 2016.

    Click on the picture to be taken to the slideshow.

    Click on the picture to be taken to the slideshow. My comment on this one: “poor shoulder weld.”

    Rueters has posted up an excellent slideshow by photographer Ricardo Morales on the police, their weapons, and gear juxtaposed next to seemingly normal life. In fact, the armed and armored police look out of place.

    To me, this is rather strange. I have been to Rio three times for business (including once in the last year) and took a moment to experience the favelas. Not once did I feel unsafe. As my client explained to me, the Cartels have a vested interest to keep it calm so as not to give the police a reason to do the sweeps they are doing now for political reasons.

    Any readers in Brazil or Rio have different experiences?

    Nathan S

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