AmeriGlo Night Sights for Glock 42

    AmeriGlo sights

    AmeriGlo is making aftermarket sights for the Glock 42 subcompact pistol.  Announced at the 2014 SHOT Show, the Glock 42 pistol is becoming popular with some in the concealed carry community.  AmeriGlo will now have three different night sight options for these pistols.

    AmeriGlo sights

    AmeriGlo Classic night sights with yellow rear inserts

    The first set of night sights from AmeriGlo are the “Classic.”  These sets come with a front sight that has a green insert with a white outline.  The rear sight has either green or a yellow inserts in the rear with white outlines.  These carry a $105 MSRP.

    AmeriGlo sights

    AmeriGlo Operator sights

    The second set of AmeriGlo night sights are in the “Operator” line.  These also come with a green insert and white outline for the front sight.  The rear sights have either the green or yellow inserts, but they do not have the white outline.  MSRP is $109.

    AmeriGlo CAP night sights

    AmeriGlo CAP night sights for the Glock 42

    The third option is from the CAP line.  The front sight uses a green insert. The front sight outline is a bright lime green color that covers most of the front sight surface as opposed to just a thin circle around the insert.  The rear sight has a short lime green stripe that is used for aiming in low light.  Both the front sight outline and the rear sight stripe are photoluminescent.  MSRP is $79.

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