Tactical Gear Distributors releases caliber specific cleaning kits

    A few weeks back I posted a small review of a cleaning kit I found at my local Cabela’s store.  That story can be found here.

    This morning I received a press release for Tactical Gear Distributors new TAC SHIELD cleaning kits being released. it looks like we are going to be seeing more of these kits, branded in different ways.  I have nothing against the kits, they are well made, convenient and a nice small package to throw into a range bag.

    While the TAC SHIELD kits are a slightly different layout there is no doubt they are being produced by the same company.  It looks as if we are going to be seeing these kits branded across different distributors in the future.

    MSRP on the kits is:

    $24.99 – Field M16/AR15 Cased 17 Piece Cleaning Kit

    $12.99 – .57/38spl/9mm 14 Piece Pistol Cleaning Kit

    $12.99 – 45 Cal 14 Piece Pistol Cleaning Kit

    $12.99 – 40 cal/10mm 14 Piece Pistol Cleaning Kit




    Aberdeen, NC – Tactical Gear Distributors (TGD) is excited to announce that it has added TAC SHIELD® gun cleaning kits to its’ product offerings.

    TAC SHIELD cleaning kits are a custom cased kit that is well designed for cleaning an assortment of weapons from the .45 Caliber to the M16/AR15. Available kits are the Field M16/AR15 17 Piece Kit, .357/38spl/9mm 14 Piece Pistol Kit, 40cal/10mm 14 piece cleaning kit and the .45 Caliber 14 piece Pistol Kit. Kit contents vary depending on the weapon but include everything you need for cleaning your weapon of choice, from the brass rods and slot tip for cleaning obstructions out of a bore to the multi-functional handle that converts to a driver with bits.

    TAC SHIELD cleaning kits can easily fit into a range bag, pack or can be kept handy at the bench and provides you with everything you need to safely clean your weapon, all neatly packed into a heavy duty, custom locking hard case.

    TGD ensures fast and accurate delivery to your store. Whether you need weekly stock replenishment, special orders of unique products or are working on a large bid, we can meet your needs. Call or email us today for special introductory offers on these TAC SHIELD products and to get started using TGD as your wholesale resource.

    Our hard-working staff is dedicated to providing top quality service when handling your order. 1-866-529-5575.