E-Lander 1911 Magazines

    Ay Carumba… Just when I think we have caught up on SHOT introductions, another one crops up. This time, a compelling offering from Israel, the e-Lander 1911 steel magazines. 

    Exclusively distributed by The Mako Group, the e-Lander 1911 magazines are steel magazines with e-Lander’s KTL coating. The coating is extremely slick and salt-resistant. e-Lander’s 1911 magazines are 8-round with staggered round viewing holes. Interestingly, they have polymer floor-plates with a small bevel for your pinky finger or easy removal from your pistol.

    Mako claims that unlike typical 1911 magazines which are welded on the back and then ground smooth weakening the magazine, their laser-welding processes (which leave a visible seam) makes their magazines stronger. See the video for details:

    The magazines are listed for retail at $28.10 on Mako’s website. 


    I have a few of their AR magazines and have run them without issue. My AR mags have worked with steel-cased ammo notorious for jamming in typical phosphate AR magazines. 

    What do you think? The best thing since Wilson Combat’s or just another offering in a saturated market?

    Nathan S

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