Danish Army Adopts M60E6 7.62 GPMG

    The Danish weapons blog Krigeren (translation: “Warrior) reports that the Danish military has chosen the M60E6 as its next GPMG. The M60 beat out its arch-rival, the HK121.. The new GPMG weights almost 3 KG less than earlier models of the M60 On a personal note, I would have loved to have had this during my time in the Corps. 


    The complete weapons package includes optics, thermal, lasers, rangefinders, and more. The rate-of-fire is dropped from over 1200 rounds per minute in the current M/62 to a tame 550 for the M60E6. With the lower ROF, the Danes claim increases in accuracy and reduction in collateral damage.  The Danish MoD will purchase approximately 700 pieces with delivery later this year.

    Krigeren reports the following benefits for Danish shooters (*Google Translation below):

    • The weight is 9.35 kg, which is approx. 3 kg lighter than the old LMG M/62, and the weight is better distributed.
    • Better control of alternative shooting positions such as kneeling and standing.
    • Lower shot cadence of about 550 rounds per minute compared to about 1200 for LMG M/62, which increases shooter’s accuracy, reduces ammunition consumption significantly and minimizes the risk of unintended damage (Collateral Damage).
    • Ability to deliver one shot at a time.
    • Less recoil, which increases the athlete’s ability to observe and correct for accuracy.
    • Better options for mounting special screens and other extra accessories such as tactical light laser mm
    • Stable adjustable stand.
    • Quick pipe change is possible without the use of gloves.

    For those looking for some excellent shots of the weapon system, click here to be taken to Krigeren’s photos of the M60E6.



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