Walther CCP Pistol Introduced at IWA

    Walther CCP

    Walther announced a new pistol, the CCP, at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany.  The CCP, or Concealed Carry Pistol, is a single-stack 9mm handgun that uses a gas delayed blowback system that Walther calls the SoftCoil system.

    As Walther describes it, the SoftCoil system “significantly reduced recoil” but maintains a recoil spring that is “soft” for easy manipulation of the slide.  Walther states that the SoftCoil system reroutes gas pressures, which allows for the light spring.  Additionally, the system uses a non-tilting barrel instead of a tilting barrel which is typical to a Browning-type system used in many modern handguns.

    Walther CCP pistol

    The CCP has a 3.54″ long barrel, with an overall gun length of 6.42″.  Even though the gun is a single stack pistol, it is still 1.18″ wide – the same width as listed for the double-stack Glock 19 pistol.  Also like the Glock, the CCP is a striker-fired pistol, and it has a 5.5 pound trigger pull.

    A manual thumb safety is standard on the CCP.  Currently, Walther is not offering a version without the thumb safety.

    The gun is expected to sell in the United States, but a shipping date and MSRP have not yet been announced.


    • caliber:  9×19
    • magazine capacity:  8 rounds
    • barrel length:  3.54″
    • overall length:  6.42″
    • width:  1.18″
    • height:  5.12″
    • weight (unloaded):  22.33 oz
    • frame:  black polymer
    • slide finish:  stainless or black CERAKOTE
    • additional features:  slide serrations front and rear, ambidextrous magazine release, sights compatible with P99, PPQ and PPS pistols, manual thumb safety

    Thanks to Tyler for the tip.

    Richard Johnson

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