Epic AR vs. AK vs. Mosin Smart-Arse Comparisons

    My thanks to reader Foghorn_Leghorn who just introduced me to EverydayNoDaysOff’s epic AR-15 vs. AK vs. Mosin thread. Those looking to waste an hour (or more depending on how much you laugh!) should peruse over to the post most ricky-tick.

    My personal favorites are below (there are hundreds more on ENDO):

    AR15: Such light recoil, you could put on over your balls and fire.
    AK47: Recoil manageable enough for anyone to use it.
    Mosin-Nagant: Recoil that registers as small tremors in the earth itself.

    AR15: Clean with fancy lubes and solvents with special tools.
    AK47: Clean? In Soviet Russia AK clean you!
    Mosin-Nagant: Squirt some Windex down the bore. Ready for another 500 rounds tomorrow!

    AR15: Goes pew pew pew
    AK47: Goes pow pow pow
    Mosin-Nagant: Goes BOOOOOOOM!

    AR15: You are careful to keep in clean in the field.
    AK47: You don’t worry so much about some dirt getting in it.
    Mosin-Nagant: It still has gritty grease inside it from when the Finnish army put it into storage.

    AR15: Nice useful little round.
    AK47: Very functional round.
    Mosin-Nagant: Anti Tank Round

    AR15: High cost, high maintenance.
    AK47: Low cost, low maintenance.
    Mosin-Nagant: What are these cost and maintenance things you speak of?

    AR15: You have a never ending list of high dollar tacticool accessories.
    AK47: You have a never ending list of Chinese made tacticool accessories.
    Mosin-Nagant: You have carry strap and ammo what more you need comrade?

    AR15: You measure your misses by sub MOA measurements
    AK47: You miss and, and aim a bit lower this time.
    Mosin-Nagant: Even if you miss the shockwave of the bullet will kill the animal.

    AR15: Inspired by science fiction
    AK47: Inspired by a need for a reliable, selectable-fire weapon
    Mosin-Nagant: Inspired by men with balls. Men with HUGE, HAIRY BALLS

    Readers, what are your favorites? Have any new ones?

    BTW: I still have not gotten any “User of… As Seen By’…” to my e-mail yet. This is your chance to show off your creativity!


    Nathan S

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