TACTICAL-HULK and other new pistol designs appearing in Libya

    Jonathan Ferguson writes about brand new pistol designs appearing in the strangest of places, Libyan arms bazaars

     The shared name of these weapons, inscribed on the slide, is ‘TACTICAL-HULK PT11-PRO’, accompanied by the inscription ‘ПОХКЕТ АТТЕNYATE’. This appears to use a combination of Cyrillic and Latin alphabet letters, and may be a poor attempt to approximate foreign markings. Markings indicate the weapon is chambered for 7.65 x 17 mmSR (.32 ACP), a rather weak handgun calibre, especially when fired from the short barrels seen. The fit and finish of the weapons does not seem much better than many of the blank firing weapons produced in Turkey, particularly on the larger model below. The slide markings on the handguns in photos #1 and #2 may indicate production in 2012. – See more at: http://www.armamentresearch.com/new-pistol-designs-out-of-libya/#sthash.01Syr8Ap.dpuf

    Steve Johnson

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