LaserMax CenterFire for Kahr Pistols

    CenterFire for Kahr

    LaserMax offers a laser aiming unit for several Kahr pistol models that do not have normal accessory rails.  The CenterFire laser unit mounts the to pistol frame without any need to swap parts or permanently altering the handgun.

    The CenterFire units use a red laser, which typically offers good performance in a wide range of lighting conditions except for bright light.  In direct sunlight, red lasers tend to be very hard to see.  In low light encounters, red lasers work very well.


    One of the benefits of the red laser is it tends to be less expensive than green lasers.  The CenterFire has a MSRP of only $129.

    The unit weighs only 1/2 of an ounce.  It uses a 1/3 N lithium battery that offers one hour of run time.  The laser is adjustable for windage and elevation and comes factory set for 10 yards.

    CenterFire Kahr

    The CenterFire will fit the CM40, CM9, CW40, CW9, P40, P9 and PM9 pistols.

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