Brazil’s IMBEL IA2 Service Rifle Disassembled







    The IMBEL IA2, the new service rifle of the Brazilian Army, is the answer to the question “What would a modern 5.56mm FN FAL look like”. It has a scaled down and lighter receiver to suit the 5.56mm cartridge and AR-15 magazine. An AR-15-style (Stoner) rotating bolt replaces the old fashioned tilting bolt/breech block of the original FN FAL. The above photo of the rifle disassembled was posted on the DefesaBrasil forum.

    Disassembled IA2 assault rifle 3


    Disassembled IA2 assault rifle 1


    Disassembled IA2 assault rifle 2


    Being an FN FAL fanboy (‘The Right arm of the Free World!’) would love to shoot this rifle.

    Many thanks to Victor for the link.

    Steve Johnson

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