Chiappa Resurrects the M6 Survival Gun w/ 10+ Caliber Options

    The X-Caliber in 12-gauge. Note the double triggers and picatinny rails.

    TFB’s staff scoured SHOTShow 2014 for all the latest, but the show is so big, something is bound to slip through the cracks. One such gem is the pictured Chiappa X-Caliber, the 12-Gauge version of Chiappa’s M6-22, a 20-Gauge replica of the Springfield M6, a .410/.22 over/under survival rifle for US Military air personnel.


    The X-Caliber in 12-Gauge. Note the double triggers and picatinny rails.

    The X-Caliber adds some noted improvements over the M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon, namely separate triggers for the shotgun and .22, enhanced trigger guard, better loop and post sights, and three picatinny rails for sights, lasers, and accessories.

    The original M6. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

    The original M6. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

    The real advantage of the rifle is that it is a true multi-caliber system. The X-Caliber includes 8 steel adapters from Gear Up’s (X Caliber) system, which converts the 12-gauge smooth-bore into a rifle for 8 separate pistol calibers including:  .380 , 9 mm , .357Mag/.38SP , .40 S & W, .44 Mag, .45 ACP , .410/.45colt, and down-sizes to .410 and 20-gauge for a total of 12 calibers. Gear-Up has tested .223 and .308 inserts.

    Top view of the X-Caliber

    Top view of the X-Caliber

    The butt-stock includes space for 3 12-gauge shells and (1 taken up by a factory cleaning kit) and 5 .22 rounds. The barrels are both 18.5″  and feature M1-style adjustable sights. The front post is fiber optic. The X-Caliber retails for $749.00 (including the full insert kit), while the .20-gauge M6-22 expects to priced up $375.00 (no inserts).

    Rest assured, we will request a sample for review. This may just be the ultimate survival weapon…

    The full gamut of caliber options.

    The full gamut of caliber options.

    Author’s note: The title photograph comes from the RockyMountainBushcraft blog, who has excellent coverage and hands-on impressions of the combined rifle/shotgun here.

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